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The dominant drink of this Age of Reason was coffee, a mysterious and fashionable beverage introduced to Europe from the Middle East. The establishments that sprung up to serve coffee had a markedly different character from taverns that sold alcoholic drinks, and became centers of commercial, political, and intellectual exchange. Coffee promoted clarity of thought, making it the ideal drink for scientists, businessmen, and philosophers. Coffeehouse discussions led to the establishment of scientific societies, the founding of newspapers, the establishment of financial institutions, and provided fertile ground for revolutionary thought, particularly in France.

From the introduction of “A History of the World in 6 Glasses”

Tom Standage

Do you like your java hot or cold? Plain? Brewed? With or without milk? With cream and sugar? Blended with ice into a fancy concoction? Given a fancy name?

I have a confession to make. I’m not really a coffee drinker. I drink it once in a while, in the company of friends or when I just want to go somewhere, sit down, think, and maybe write a little. I usually have a capuccino or a mocha. Sometimes I drink coffee hot, sometimes I opt for the pseudo-coffee variety, the fancy ice-blended creations.

But I do have nice memories associated with coffee and coffee places. I’ve had meaningful conversations with close friends. I’ve had romantic dates. I’ve had a-ha! moments of creativity.

I was born and raised in the Philippines.

I made pit stops in Toronto before an extended three-year stay in Los Angeles. In 2008, I had the chance to spend a few magical months in New York City.

I dipped my toes in Dubai, but the place didn’t really call out to me.

I spent three years in the Big Durian.

I am now bouncing around in Singapore.

I am 30-something.

I have been reborn countless times. I write about issues, discoveries, ideas.


This is my perspective.


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